"Mastercard, Microsoft Join Forces to Advance Digital Identity Innovations" - Anon
almost 2 years ago


>Currently, verifying your identity online is still dependent on physical or digital proof managed by a central party, whether it’s your passport number, your proof of address, driver’s license, user credentials or other means. This dependence places a huge burden on individuals, who have to successfully remember hundreds of passwords for various identities and are increasingly being subjected to more complexity in proving their identity and managing their data. Working together, Mastercard and Microsoft aim to give people a secure, instant way to verify their digital identity with whomever they want, whenever they want.


>The answer to these challenges is a service that would allow individuals to enter, control and share their identity data their way–on the devices they use every day. That’s Mastercard’s intention, working closely with players like Microsoft.

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almost 2 years ago

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although this sounds like a centralized dumb unicorn that sounds doable only because microsoft & mastercard are quite big, some shill on reddit said it was decentralized and koool

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